Emotion + Decision = Devotion

Let your heart therefore be wholly devoted to the lord our God…1 Kings 8:61 (NASB)

I have seen situations where someone, for one reason or another, wants to separate emotion from a person’s decision to follow Christ.  I’m aware that a decision needs to be a choice, but important life changing decisions almost always involve our emotions.

I hope your choice to marry your husband or wife was not made solely on a rational checklist of qualities you want in a mate—and I hope it wasn’t made solely on emotion either.  The first would lead to a lifeless rigid relationship, the second, to a roller coaster of instability.  But together, you would most likely enjoy a stable, passionate, and devoted marriage.

It has been my observation that we get into trouble when we fail to recognize the importance of balance.  Polarization in our thinking has a tendency to lead us down the wrong path and doesn’t allow for the fine tuning of wisdom.  We adamantly support one line of thought without taking into consideration the value of another perspective, or the balance of the two.

Scripture often speaks of God’s desire for His people to love and follow Him wholeheartedly—with devotion.  This involves our mind and our heart—our thoughts and our emotions.  He deserves our devotion.

Decision plus emotion equals devotion.


One thought on “Emotion + Decision = Devotion

  1. Great blog post, Stephanie, as usual.
    I love your statement: “Emotion + Decision = Devotion. That is a “tweetable”.
    I am having a hard time remembering if you are home or gone right now.
    We’ll have to connect soon.
    God bless you both on all your ventures.


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