Mi Casa

I’m just now beginning to feel at home in “mi casa” in Costa Rica.  Joining my husband in his work as a missionary/evangelist has been a gradual transition since our marriage a few years ago.  Everything slowed down for two of those years due to a severe ankle injury my husband experienced while ministering in Romania.

With restored health, we are on the go again.  We both felt God’s leading as we made plans to focus on the work that had been started in Costa Rica a few years earlier.  It has been a beautiful thing to watch God leading us in this endeavor.  As we took the step of faith to move forward, door after door has opened up at just the right time.  It is as though we are walking along, in faith, and a door opens that leads us on the path to the next open door – one after another.

And the divine appointments, as I call them, have been amazing!  When you enter a country, you may think you have certain contacts, only to find that God has other people He wants to be a part of your story.  One after another, and another leading to another.  We could not have designed it ourselves or planned it more beautifully.

And provisions – God is faithful and His people are faithful to give.  Fundraising is a normal and natural part of missions work, but it is the work of the Holy Spirit that lays it upon people’s hearts to give to certain ministry needs.  That giving makes it possible for many young people to hear the gospel at youth camps and at follow-up meetings throughout the year.  It provides the means to raise up a work in a country and to train up new young leaders who will be here long after we are.

Next week I will have the opportunity to speak to a group of women (while my husband speaks to the men) at a family conference on Venado Island.  Of all things, I plan to speak to them about new beginnings and how God is good and faithful to lead us through the difficult circumstances of life.  Having walked this path myself, it is good to come full circle as I embrace my own new beginnings and get comfortable in “mi casa.”


2 thoughts on “Mi Casa

  1. I saw Eric’s post earlier today and wondered if you were in Costa Rica as well. Carolyn and I we’re over near your Mandarin house today. Praying for you and Eric as you minister there! Love to you both.

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