The Sweet Time In Between

9ECC64DA-38CE-4FF5-BFC3-B3E2BD024DD5.jpegI recently heard Sandi Patty sing and share her heart in Nashville, Tennessee  while I was attending a Christian Booksellers Expo.  She spoke about changes in her life – an empty nest, no longer touring on the road, and aging parents.  She called it her “in between” time as she gave the example of walking through a doorway and being in the space of the door frame, no longer in one room but not quite in the next.

As I pondered her words, I realized that all of us experience this “in between” time in our lives.  For some it is the slowing down of a career or ministry, for others it may be a change in health or vitality, or a time when children or grandchildren are less dependent and not as attentive to us.  Whatever defines your “in between,” it is a change from what you were used to, possibly going from soaring the peaks of life to walking the steady path of the daily.

Our “in between” in life becomes what we allow it to become, depending on what we tell ourselves about it and how we define ourselves by it.  The truth is, we are no less than we were before – a human being who has experienced much in life.  We have enjoyed our successes, corrected our mistakes, and grieved our losses.  Our lives have purpose and meaning.

I am choosing to look at this season of life as the sweet time in between.  It is a quieter time, a richer experience.  All seems to be lining up in proper priority.  Relationships are deeper, prayer is less rushed, and sunsets are more gorgeous.  I am thankfully embracing this sweet time – in between.

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:  Ecclesiastes 3:1 (KJV)

One thought on “The Sweet Time In Between

  1. Love it!
    Yes, our “in between” times are defined by the meaning we give to it.
    I feel like I am in an “in between” time, and choose to define it as a restful time of growth.
    Thanks, Steph.
    PJ ☺


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