Reflections On Father’s Day


As I see the various tributes my friends are giving to their fathers this Father’s Day, I can’t help but reflect.  I can’t help but wonder what that would look like, feel like?

Even though I’ve never experienced a close relationship with an earthly father, my Heavenly Father has never let me down.  He has filled in the gaps along the way.  He’s the one I’ve confided in and looked to for direction.

My biological father left this earth twenty years ago.  No animosity toward him on my part.  Over the years I learned to exonerate him, that is, assign no blame to him.  He did the best he could based on what he had himself received.

He grew up without a father and therefore didn’t have a model to look to for that role.

I grew up visiting a man who only seemed like an acquaintance.  Although always pleasant with me, there was no bonding … no evidence of parental responsibility.

An intelligent, creative, and artistic man who my grandparents used to say, “walked to the beat of a different drummer”.

My maternal grandfather stepped in to fill the void the best he could.  My fondest childhood memories are from weekends at my grandparents’ home … almost every weekend.  I felt enjoyed by them and I knew they were proud and protective of me.

I am grateful for a grandfather who was responsible enough to go the extra mile when necessary.

I know the majority of people are blessed to have fathers they admire and look up to.  Yet, for one reason or another, many do not.

If you fall into this category you have a choice to make … either allow yourself to become bitter and blame your father, or forgive, exonerate, be thankful for your blessings, and live life fully.

As you let go of any regrets for what you didn’t have growing up, you are then able to embrace what you do have today.  I am grateful for the family God has given me.  I am delighted to see my son and son-in-law be great fathers to their own children.

I remind my grandchildren quite often just how blessed they are to have such wonderful parents!

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.  Psalm 106:1 (NIV)

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