I wrote this poem about my mother over a decade ago.  She left this earth at the young age of fifty-nine after a life of hardship dealing with epilepsy and raising three of her own children and three step-sons. Looking back I see how courageous she was.  She didn’t have the resources we all take for granted today but she did have the love and support of her own mother.


Mother, with your gentle heart

Your gentle soul right from the start

A burden heavy you did bear

You had sorrow, you had care.

Life dealt you a bitter hand

It was hard for you to take a stand

For yourself, you did not strive

To better yourself while you were alive.

It seemed as though you’d given up

Almost as though you’d been beaten up

By life’s struggles and life’s cares

It all caught up with you, unawares.

My heart would almost break in two

When I would think about all I knew

Of your hardships and your life

Of all the hurt and all the strife.

It seemed to me you deserved much more

Than life for you had in store

For you were kind and you were good

Always doing what you thought you should

Now you lay in peaceful rest

And I hope you’ve found the best

Peace and joy God has for us

When in Christ we put our trust.

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