A Widow’s First Holiday

  • Today I am thinking of the widows who are facing their first holiday season alone since the loss of their husband.  I am saying a prayer for you today, asking God to comfort your heart during this time.  Many of you will have strong arms of love around you from family and friends.  Some will not.

Some of you will have a large supportive extended family.  Others who have no extended family may share the feeling of “when I’m alone, I’m really alone’.  Regardless of your circumstance, it is a difficult time.  You may be overwhelmed with tears as memories flood your mind and heart.  Don’t be afraid of the tears.  They can be a healing balm.

This first holiday season alone can feel awkward as everyone goes on with their normal lives.  Everyone but you, it seems!  I found people to be sensitive and kind during my year of widowhood.  Several offered to pick me up to ride with them to the annual church Christmas dinner.  I chose not to attend.  Although you don’t want to become a hermit, it’s OK to bow out of some social activities that may make you feel uncomfortable or sad.  Be gentle with yourself.

During this time of year we all enjoy the warmth of our close relationships with family and friends.  It may feel as though there is a big hole in your heart without your husband by your side.  Nothing on this earth seems to fill the void.  So, I found my comfort in the spiritual rather than in my physical surroundings.  That is not to say that the calls and words of encouragement from family and friends weren’t helpful!  Each was tremendously appreciated and brought warmth into my life during that dark time.

But, my deep comfort and help came from pressing into God.  I literally felt the prayers of others holding me up when my heart was weighed down with grief.  As I drew closer to God, calling on the name of Jesus and reading God’s Word, I began to receive strength.  That strength took the form of faith, hope, and courage.

Yes, I survived that first holiday season as a widow.  Was it easy?  No!  Did I grow through it?  Yes!  Looking back, can I say that “all things work together for good to those who love God” as the Bible tells us? Without a doubt!  Has God been faithful and has my hope been restored?  Definitely, yes!

So,  I just wanted you to know that today I am thinking of you and praying for you.  May you find comfort and peace as you walk the path I walked last year.  I hope that you, also, will press into God and allow Him to walk beside you and guide you during your season of grief.  And, I pray that your hope will be renewed for all the days ahead of you.




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