Healing Love


I’ve written a lot about God’s healing love over the past few years.  It seems to be what God keeps bringing me back to.  I started writing about healing love after my grandson was diagnosed with autism several years ago.  That wasn’t my first response, but it’s the place God brought me to.  I went from a position of disbelief, grief, and bargaining with God to a place of peace and acceptance.  I see my grandson as a beautiful gift from God and feel privileged that God entrusted me to be his grandmother.  My prayer for him is that he will feel happy, loved, and accepted and that he will reach his full God-given potential.  It is my desire to be an extension of God’s healing love to him!

I wrote again about God’s healing love after my husband, Jerry, moved to heaven.  It took God’s healing love to bring me through the storm of grief I experienced.  Mark 4:35-41 tells the story of Jesus calming the stormy sea when His disciples came to Him for help.  They didn’t come in perfect faith.  In fact, they came in fear.  Jesus met them where they were, understanding their need for peace and calm.  He said to the stormy sea, “Peace be still”.

As I walked daily through my grief, God sent His healing love to me in many different ways.  I felt His love through the texts, notes, and cards of encouragement sent by friends and family over the weeks and months.  And, through the telephone calls of friends hundreds of miles away that came at just the right time.

My journey through grief was a storm but God came through for me and met me where I was.  I realized early on that I couldn’t find peace in my own strength.  I had to start walking in the present with my “big God”, with my God who can do anything.  Now I can look back and clearly see all the amazing gifts of love  God showered on me during my time of grief.  I will always be grateful for His healing love!

God’s healing love has continued in my life through restoration and new beginnings.  My marriage to Eric is an extension of God’s love to me.  God did not forget about me.  He has given me the opportunity to love again and to also be a part of my husband’s mission work.  My desire as a teenager was for missions and now, in God’s providence, that desire is finding fulfillment.

I have a feeling that God will bring me back again and again to His healing love throughout the rest of my days on this earth.  You see, this healing love flows freely to us throughout the circumstances of our lives as we press into God rather than becoming angry or bitter toward Him.  He sees our hurts, but He is with us.

Through my life experiences I have learned to walk in the present and to find peace in God’s presence rather than looking for it in perfect circumstances.  I know that what comes into my life is for my good and I can trust God with my future.  He goes before me and walks beside me on the path He has for me.  And, He has taught me that His healing love is all around me and that I can be an extension of that love to others.

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