Our Awesome God


Sometimes we forget just how awesome our God is!  We take so much for granted and get caught up in our earthly lives.  Over focus on our responsibilities and problems can cause our spiritual eyes to become dim.  At times, we simply fail to see the majesty of our great God.

At other times, we see Him clearly and we are overwhelmed with the magnitude of His greatness!  His Spirit moves us to worship during a church service, or we feel goose bumps on our skin when we hear about one of His miracles.  Our hearts are humbled with thankfulness when we see others reach out to us in love in His name.

We see His greatness in nature, in His creation.  The older I get the more I see His grandeur reflected in the work of His hands, in white billowy clouds, in the vastness of the ocean, or in a child’s smiling face.  Sometimes I tell Him he’s outdoing himself when I see a particularly beautiful sunset.

So, let’s be reminded of just how awesome our God is!  The pages of the Bible repeatedly paint us a picture of His glory.  Our time alone in prayer with Him causes us to be in awe of His great love for us, of how He cares for us and watches over us.

And, most of all, He has displayed His unfathomable love for us by providing a plan of salvation and eternal life through the sacrifice of His own son, Jesus Christ.  How awesome is our God!

2 thoughts on “Our Awesome God

  1. Thanks again Steph! Ed and I saw so many miracles on our vacation. The twins being first and foremost! But all we thank HIM for everyday! And you are correct! Some days we too feel like will will burst with HIS love for us with all the blessings HE bestowed on us!
    Be blessed dear friend! I miss you!


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