Have You Found Him?

A Letter to This Generation

I’m not sure where you will be in your life’s journey when you read this, but my question is, “Have you found Him?” In all of your experiences and pursuits, have you encountered Jesus yet? I know you’ve heard about Him, but have you found Him?

Have the realities of life hit you hard enough to give you an understanding of your need for Him, or are you trying to go it alone? Have the pleasures of this world dulled your sense of longing for a relationship with Him? Have people, or things, or goals distracted you from the reality of why you were created in the first place—in the image of God—very intricately and wonderfully made?

It is not just a head knowledge of Bible history or of God that I am asking you to consider. I’m asking you to pursue a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, and to embrace the meaning of that relationship for your life, now and for eternity. I’m going to tell you how, but only you can do the seeking—and the accepting of all that entails.

God, in His wisdom, has provided us the Bible. It is not just like any other book—it is God’s living Word. You will see this as you progress on your journey of finding Him. Jesus is in the Old Testament of the Bible as well as in the New Testament. Scriptures in the Old Testament speak of His role in the creation of the world and foretell of His coming to earth as the Messiah—Savior of mankind.

The New Testament, Matthew through Revelation, will tell you all about Him, His life on earth, His death on the cross, and His ascension into Heaven to sit on the right of God until He returns again to receive those who believe in Him and are filled with His Holy Spirit, to live with Him for eternity. I know that sounds like a lot to take in, but it will make more sense as you begin to read through the New Testament. I encourage you to read with an open heart, seeking to know Him. And remember to ask God to open your eyes and let you understand what you are reading.

This has to be your own journey, no one can take it for you. Thankfully, on my journey through life, I have found Him and I’m confident you won’t be disappointed. He is a loving, compassionate Savior who is patiently waiting for you to knock at His door. Have you found Him?

One thought on “Have You Found Him?

  1. I feel the same yearning in my heart for all my grandkids to really know and experience Jesus Christ, too. And with all the other “spiritual voices” out there competing with Jesus, I want them to know that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, and that no one comes to the Father except through Him. (John 14.6).
    If they miss Jesus, they have missed eternity.
    I’m praying we both find the best way to share our faith with our grandchildren.


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