Look What God Has Done!


The young man standing next to me spoke the words that had just gone through my mind,”Look what God has done!”  As I watched one-hundred Costa Rican teens walk to the front of the chapel, I knew a miracle was taking place before my eyes, actually many miracles.

It was the fourth night of youth camp.  By now I knew many of the campers – their stories, their hurts, and their needs.  Some boys from the orphanage sat in the back each night, making it clear they weren’t interested in this “Jesus thing.”  They were here to have fun.

We were all doing our part, serving and working together to show God’s love to the campers. We prayed, preached, taught, handled crises, showed interest, and participated in sports and games.  We had conversations, high-fived, and hugged.  But it wasn’t us. It wasn’t what we had done.  Everyone in the room that night knew it was the Holy Spirit drawing these young people to Christ.  All we could say was, “Look what God has done!”

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