Blessings from Costa Rica 1


Eric and I arrived in Costa Rica this past Thursday evening to begin our ministry journey in this country.  Although a lot of planning, prayer, and time have gone into this move, we spent our first few hours driving around in the dark, trying to find our hotel.  Being the “safety patrol” that I am, I prayed each time Eric stopped to ask directions—directions that led us around in circles.  Then I guess God must have felt a bit sorry for us, because He led us to a couple outside of a McDonald’s who offered to drive ahead of us to the hotel.

When Eric got back in our car and told me the plan, I said, “Now if they lead us to a deserted area, just keep on driving and don’t stop.  And if we get to the hotel, stop in front by the door and not in the parking lot so we don’t get robbed.”  I’m not usually that bossy, but again, I’m known as the safety patrol in my family.

Well, we arrived—at the hotel’s front door.  When our guide was ready to leave he said, “God bless you, brother” to Eric, who said, “Oh, you’re a believer?”  The man answered, “Of course I am.  I wouldn’t have offered to drive over here with you if I wasn’t.”  My eyes immediately met Eric’s as I said, “God did this for us!”  Later, my husband told me he had seen God intervene time after time in that same way during his years of ministry in Hungary.

The next day we arrived at our home/ministry base in Atenas, Costa Rica (with the help of our new local cell phone and WAZE app).  Although I have been working, working, working these past few days to get the house clean, organized, and up to standard, I must say, it is beautiful here!  I’m in awe of the natural beauty and peacefulness all around me.  At times, I have to stop and take a few moments to look around at the cloud topped mountains, exotic flowers, and lush coffee plantations—just to soak it all in.  I’m looking forward to all that God has in store for our time of ministry in beautiful Costa Rica!

In His hands are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to Him.  Psalm 95:4.

Blessings from Costa Rica,



One thought on “Blessings from Costa Rica 1

  1. Wow! I can “see” your home admirer the mountains! God Bless you and Eric in your ministry! Thanks for posting to me! Much love’
    Cathi >


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