He is Risen

He is risen!  Have you taken time to think about all that Christ’s resurrection means to you?  I’ve thought about it, but I’m sure in my limited human perspective, I am missing some of it.  I don’t think we fully comprehend all that the resurrection entails until we leave this earth for our heavenly home.  We won’t completely understand the magnitude of His power and love until we see Him in all of His glory.

What I do know is that because He is risen, I have the promise of eternal life.  That’s something to celebrate!  Yet sometimes we get more excited about a football game than we do about our eternal hope.  Again, our human minds don’t fully understand.

I have a suspicion that once we arrive in heaven, we will look back on our earthly life and shake our heads at how insignificant most of the things we got excited about actually were.  I think we will realize how off focus our sight was on things of eternal value.  We might think, “If I knew then what I know now, I would have lived my life as a celebration of all that His resurrection means.”  I hope each Easter season will remind us of Christ’s loving sacrifice, the power of the resurrection, and our eternal hope.  May we see Him as He is – our risen Savior!

(Excerpt from “Faith, Hope, Courage, and New Beginnings” by Stephanie Murphy.)

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