Second Anniversary


Tomorrow, June 7th, Eric and I will celebrate our second anniversary.  Although marriage later in life isn’t for everyone, I have found it to be quite delightful.  Of course there are adjustments and changes that some may not want to take on.  But I just think of it as an adventure – making new friends, traveling to new places, enlarging my “family” and sharing my husband’s passion for missions.

Although our decision to marry took some people by surprise two years ago, we both had the assurance in our hearts that God was doing a good thing in bringing us together.  And, yes, it is a very good thing! We are happy and very much in love – enjoying today and looking forward to our future together.  God is good and faithful to us.

In these two short years we have encouraged each other as we expanded our ministry to include the writing of books – books that are intended to encourage and help others in their own ministry, family, and Christian life.  We both credit the other for giving the encouragement we often needed to just “keep on writing.”  It was a bonding experience to work on these projects together.

Just before we were married, when we were visiting Eric’s mother in West Virginia, she said to me, “A woman would have to search high and low to find a man as exceptional as Eric.”  And she was right!  I could have searched the rest of my life and not found the quality husband who God brought into my life – in His perfect timing.

So tomorrow I will be wishing my husband “Happy Anniversary” as we celebrate the beautiful gift God has given us!


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