Beautiful Smiles

I knew I would have a soft spot in my heart for these children and teenagers…..the orphans of Romania.  As I looked around at their smiling faces, some reminded me of kids we would see in our schools in the states.

I couldn’t help but contrast the lifestyles of our youth to these children.  They are not living in luxury or abundance, yet the smiles on their faces speak volumes.

They are joyful and so appreciative of what our ministry team brought to them today….games, fun, music, snacks, personal attention, and the gospel message.  We also brought our smiles and the love of God flowing through us to them.

I recognized a few of the young people who were at camp last summer during my first trip to Romania.  Many children and teens had accepted Christ as their Savior during youth camp.

The sports events are a follow-up with them.  You see, this ministry doesn’t forget about them after camp season is over.  They go the extra mile, literally across country, to show these children they are important and value

Even though I didn’t speak their language I loved communicating with them in our own way….with our eyes, greetings, and smiles.  I especially enjoyed one teen boy who wanted a little extra attention and spoke some English.

He found a way to tease me and ask for extra snacks….with a smile of course.

These children may not have all the possessions most kids take for granted today, but that doesn’t seem to keep them from enjoying life.  They play!  They have fun!  And….they smile!!

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Smiles

  1. Thank you for your insight 🙂 After that weekend at Sinaia I felt it too: the importance of MIA ministry plus the wisdom which God placed in Julian’s and others leaders heart. 🙂


  2. I always love hearing from you and hearing how you all are doing! “God’s fabulous” for sure! Love you both!!!

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