Shepherd of My Soul

I am the good Shepherd; the good Shepherd lays down His life for the sheep. John 10:11

As we were driving through the countryside of Romania during a mission trip,  I caught a glimpse of a herd of sheep on the hillside.  This site in itself would not have been all that unusual for me….we have sheep in the states.

It was the shepherd who stood out to me.  Dressed in a long garment, with staff in hand, he stood peacefully watching over his sheep.

My thoughts went immediately to Jesus….my Shepherd, the Shepherd of my soul.  A sense of peace filled me as I thought of Him gently watching over us.

The shepherd on the hill wasn’t frantically running about trying to get his sheep to move here or there, or to do this or that.  He gently guided them with his staff.

The sheep weren’t nervously moving about in fear or unrest.  They were quiet and still….seemingly calmed by the very presence of their shepherd.

Jesus is our good Shepherd…..He laid down His life for us.  He tells us not to be afraid but to trust Him, to follow Him, and to rest in Him.

I’m thankful for the visual picture I saw that day in Romania—the shepherd with his sheep.  It helped me turn my thoughts from the busyness of my everyday life to the beautiful gift I have in Jesus….the Shepherd of my soul!

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