Back to the Shore


I’ve met some people lately who accepted Christ at an earlier time in their life, but for one reason or another have lost their way.  My husband and I both have a heart for these people.  We don’t judge them, but instead, reach out to them in love.  We see their potential and genuinely want to encourage them.

I saw this same dynamic over and over during the three decades I practiced as a Christian counselor and marriage therapist.  Good people were floundering in their lives.  Even though they knew they had taken the wrong path, they couldn’t seem to find their way back. I gave the analogy that they had gradually waded out too far into the water.  By the time they looked back they could no longer see the shore.  There was no light.

Many of us have had a time in our life when we have had this experience.  It’s frightening for those who have walked in the light to wake up and long for the safety and security of the shore.  That shore can seem so very far away, but it’s closer than you think.  It is one sincere prayer away!

If you are the person I have just described, I would encourage you to begin your journey back to the shore.  But, you ask, how?  My answer is for you to start right where you are and start talking to God again.  Jesus will meet you there.  You don’t have to desperately flail about in an effort to swim back to shore on your own strength.

God wants a relationship with you!  Start by praying and opening yourself up to renewing your relationship with Him.  If you need forgiveness, ask for forgiveness. Don’t worry about what other people think.  Genuine Christians will accept you just as Jesus accepts you – with open arms!  Focus your eyes on Him as you go back to the shore of His love and grace.

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